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Suncraft Clad 180mm Nakiri kitchen knife

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A nakiri is like the long lost sibling - you will love it!  

If slicing and dicing vegetables is your thing, this is the knife for you.

What can it be utilised for:

A nakiri knife is a knife that is ideal for cutting up every type of veggie or mincing the smallest pieces of garlic. Whilst primarily used for vegetable prep, the slightly longer blade length provides great versatility as a prep knife.


The Suncraft nakiri is slightly different to a traditional nakiri as it has a curved belly, meaning you can use a rocking motion combined with a straight chopping motion. To get you flying out the gate, it comes whetstone sharpened from factory, so you can start slicing with a deft hand.

If you like a more western style knife you are in luck. This combines the craftsmanship and Japanese blade with a western style full tang handle.  

Why a Japanese knife:

Japanese craftsmen have been making steel based blades for centuries and this artesian skill has built them an undeniable reputation for making some of the best knives available. In addition, the lighter construction compared to a traditional Western-style knife allows for less fatigue when slicing up a metric tonne of onions! 

true Japanese made and crafted knife.   


History and info

Clad AUS-10 (Our Suncraft Clad AUS-10 range)

3 layers Damascus stainless steel
So-called Damascus steel is multi-layered of microthin stainless steel. 25% of components at the center of layers are called a core steel. Damascus steel used for this CLAD series has AUS-10 stainless steel as a core steel. The other 75% of components are two different hardness steel layers. The both sides of core steel are compressed with alternately soft steel and hard steel. This makes the blade look like wave patterns by special procedures.

AUS-10 stainless steel for core
An extremely adaptable stainless steel. AUS10 sits underneath VG10 in terms of hardness, and is fairly easy to sharpen, low maintenance and less prone to chipping than harder steel knives.


The HRC is a hardness scale based on the hardness of a material. Typically HRC of 60+ is seen to be a quality hard steel that retains its edge over a prolonged time.


Suncraft is situated in Japan within the Seki region, Gifu prefecture and is renowned for its 800-year-old tradition of high quality knife and blade manufacture. Suncraft has been designing and crafting kitchen knives for over 60 years, which ensures each of the 30 plus steps in making a Suncraft knife is of the utmost quality. 

Suncraft knives in japan

Suncraft Japan factory

The Finer Details
Style: Nakiri
Blade Length: 180mm
Weight: 195 gms
Blade Material: AUS-10 Stainless Clad
Handle Material: Pakkawood w/stainless spacer
HRC: 58-59
Model: Senzo Clad AS-09


Partners In Crime

If you want to keep your new family heirloom as sharp as Einstein in his hay day, a dual grit whetstone will keep you out of trouble. CLICKY 

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