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Bacon wrapped Jalapeno kransky poppers

Bacon wrapped Jalapeno kransky poppers

Be prepared for one of the best snacks you will ever try.

Easy | 10-15 mins Prep | 25 mins Cook | 10 Servings


 * PRO TIP: If you can find Blend smoked honey, it will elevate your poppers to god tier status 


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The Jalapeno Popper is one of the greatest barbecue snacks on this god given earth IMO. The balance of saltiness, spice and a hint of sweetness has your taste buds dancing and will have your guests begging for more.

If you are in a position where you are wondering what make with all these leftover jalapenos - you are in luck. The popper is the perfect way to deal with all those pesky jalapenos. 

As an added bonus the jalapenos are rich in vitamins A and C and potassium. Let's skip past the bacon shall we...  

 Bacon wrapped jalapeno kransky poppers | AUSSIEQ BBQ


- 1x tub of cream cheese

- 10x large jalapenos (sliced lengthways and deseeded)

- 20x slices of thin streaky bacon

- 1/2x juice of lime

- 2 tbsp AUSSIEQ BBQ "Oz Dirt" seasoning (coming soon) or sub with your favourite rub/seasoning

- Blend smoked honey (can substitute with regular honey)

- small smoked cheese kranskys (sliced lengthways) (we used the Costco versions)

Bacon wrapped jalapeno kransky poppers | AUSSIEQ BBQBacon wrapped jalapeno kransky poppers | AUSSIEQ BBQ Bacon wrapped jalapeno kransky poppers | AUSSIEQ BBQ


  1. as prep time is fairly quick, crank up your Weber kettle (charcoal in the centre), barbecue or oven to 180C/356F and have a piece of fruit wood ready if using the Weber

  2. in a bowl, mix the cream cheese, lime juice and Oz Dirt seasoning. You can add some parmesan if you want some extra sharpness. Set aside

  3. spoon cream cheese mixture into the deseeded jalapenos, so the mixture is level with the top

  4. place cheese kransky half on top of the cream cheese mixture, then wrap in streaky bacon. Use a toothpick or two to hold the bacon in place

  5. Cooking: 1) Oven - place on a baking tray into your pre-heated oven and cook for approx 25 mins or until the bacon is crispy. 2) Weber/BBQ - with the lit charcoal in the centre, place a piece of fruit above it on the grill grate. Then place the poppers around the circumference and cook until bacon is crispy

  6. once cooked, drizzle some smoked or regular honey over the top to provide a nice balance to the salty bacon and kransky

You can substitute anything your heart desires, but this combo hasn't failed yet.

Bacon wrapped jalapeno kransky poppers | AUSSIEQ BBQ

Bacon wrapped jalapeno kransky poppers | AUSSIEQ BBQ

Bacon wrapped jalapeno kransky poppers | AUSSIEQ BBQ 

If you have any thoughts, tips or tricks on the recipe we would love for you to leave a comment below.

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