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Q. How do I sharpen a Japanese knife?

A. There are many ways, but the preferred method is utilising a whetstone. Starting out with a cheap knife will not only hone your skills, but your knife too. A good video to start with: YouTube Video Take a look at our "Sharpening" page for more information.

Q. What is the warranty/return process? 

A. If one of our products is shown to be defective, we will have either have it repaired, replaced or refund your money.

Q. Do you deliver internationally?

A. We ship all products except the Suncraft range all over the world. At this stage Suncraft is for the Australian market only.

Q. What knife suits my needs?

A. To start you off, we have knives separated into two size categories. This will determine if you are cutting larger cuts, or smaller vegetables etc. If all else fails shoot us an email or message.

Q. Do you sell BBQ rubs or seasoning? 

A. We currently have three rubs/seasonings and one bacon cure. Click HERE to check out our handcrafted artisan barbecue seasonings.

Q. My rubs are clumping, how can I stop that?

A. Humidity is a seasonings worst nightmare. So to avoid this you can store them in the fridge as it is a dry environment. Keep in mind that the seasonings are still perfectly useable if you can't eliminate humidity. Just break them up with a fork before use. 

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