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AussieQ BBQ started with one man's passion for barbecue, knives and perfectly seasoned produce.   

Whilst the barbecue game started all the way back in the 90’s, it wasn’t until 2017 the founder John Austin decided it was time to really up his food game after being inspired by the competition barbecue team Smokin Sappers. After stalking their Instagram page and chewing the fat with their team captain, he leveraged his existing passion for food and everything it encompasses and launched his own Instagram page Aussie_Q. Before we move on, people often wonder where the name AussieQ came from. It’s quite simple really. John’s nickname since the age of 10 has been Aussie and Q is short for barbecue.


Cooking up 200 pulled pork burgers in Yalata, South Australia

From that point on he designed a logo and mapped out a plan to learn low and slow BBQ and network as much as possible. Then in 2018 he completed multiple catering jobs including a cook for 200 soldiers in South Australia that were supporting a local Aboriginal community. It was around this time that he started to amass a collection of kitchen knives to tame those cuts of meat and the supporting side dishes.    

Whilst competing at the largest barbecue competition in the southern hemisphere (Australian Barbecue Wars), he discovered Japanese knives and making custom seasonings and rubs that will elevate different types of meat and vegetables. And there the AussieQ brand was realised. 


Competition Barbecue at Port Macquarie 

After using store purchased rubs from competition barbecue, then at home it was at this point where John and Mrs Q decided there was a few holes in the seasoning market that could be filled. After six months of research and development, market testing and community feedback they released their three rubs/seasonings being namely: Backyard BBQ, Oz Dirt, HealthIER and Macon’ Bacon Cure. After deciding on the flavour profiles that the market required, each ingredient was carefully selected with a few never being seen before in a store purchased rub/seasoning. The target was to have all three unique, taste amazing, smell out of this world, be interchangeable with all produce, compliment targeted produce and allow competition barbecue teams to leverage off the rubs/seasonings. 

One of the largest elements of the AUSSIEQ BBQ adventure is social media. TikTok and Instagram provided amazing communities and it was those very communities that help drive the recipe videos you see on a day to day basis. Don’t forget to take a look! TikTok and Instagram

TikTok account aussie_qbbq

TikTok for AUSSIEQ BBQ page

You could be forgiven for wondering where the "Backyard BBQ" comes into play, but rest assured cooking in the backyard, the kitchen or the campsite is always encouraged. Backyard BBQ has a deeper meaning than what is implied. It is the overarching term for cooking all manners of dishes from home with simplicity at the forefront. Cooking for family and friends in the backyard is what brings us together and breaks down any barriers that may exist.

AUSSIEQ BBQ Appearing on channel 7 Sunrise
Prepping for our appearance on channel 7’s Sunrise TV show

One of our defining moments was when we were given the opportunity to appear on channel Seven’s Sunrise with Sam Mac. A truly surreal experience, which gave us the ability to share our dream with more people.

See a quick video of our time on national TV: CLICK HERE

John Austin with Tom Dahl, and Cam Lowry from the Alphablokes Podcast

Another massive bloody highlight is Johnny having a yarn with the legends Tommy and Cam from the Alphablokes podcast. He strongly believes in the way the lads operate and how they are giving it a red hot crack. Because of this he reckons this maybe the highlight of the decade! The episode is 165 FOUND HERE

He also had a two part call on the trendsetter talkback winning him the coveted "CARRY ON" cap. The calls can be found: ep 201 57:40 and ep 204 46:35


If you want a lighter side to cooking content ensure you click on any of the socials for plenty of tips, recipes and cooking prowess ;)


Why make us choose!!! If we had our hand behind our back I guess we would choose these three amazing products. You will see John use “BANG IT IN” in many of his social media videos.


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