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Fried chicken with chips seasoning

Chicken & Chips Rub

Chicken & Chips is not to be confused with the humble chicken salt. The complexities of Chicken & Chips Rub takes chicken seasoning to a level never seen before.


Chicken & Chips seasoning was developed to provide the Chicken Fairy with some new magic dust to bring fries/chips and chicken into a flavour stratosphere that's never been attempted before. 

This is gonna make the big chicken restaurants quake in their boots! 

Did you know that you start digesting food before it hits your mouth when you start salivating? This is going to occur every time you season your food with Chicken & Chips!!!

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Chicken & Chips Rub/Seasoning

Chicken & Chips Rub/Seasoning

  • On Sale

The Fantastic Five Gift Pack (5pk)

  • On Sale

The Fantastic Five Gift Pack (5pk)

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