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Learn how to sharpen a Japanese knife, or any knife for that matter...


What equipment do I need?

To start off it is recommended purchasing a whetstone that is double sided with a fine and coarser finish. See here for our double sided whetstone.

What if I have not used a whetstone before?

The team at AUSSIEQ recommend practising with a cheaper knife at first until you train your muscle memory how to hold the knife at the correct angle. Once you are happy with your progress, move onto your new Japanese knife. Keep in mind your knife will remain sharp for quite a while before it requires its first sharpen. 

It is also recommended to purchase a rubber thimble to protect your finger when starting out sharpening on a whetstone, as you may get hot spots were your finger glides along the stone. 

Is there any resources to aid in learning how to sharpen my knife?

There is a bunch of great YouTube videos to stalk, but see below for a few of our favourites:

- A 3 minute quicky on how to position your knife and the pressure required

A beginners guide to stones and sharpening 

Another beginners guide to whetstone sharpening 

- Beginners mistakes when sharpening with a whetstone 

Suncraft bunka slicing orange


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