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knife care

caring for your new or "mature" knife will extend their life dramatically. 

Knife Storage

  • Use a light coat of camellia oil and/or keep extremely dry.
  • Keep in the original box, sheath/wooden scabbard (sold separately), or on a magnetic knife block/holder.  
  • Don't rest your knife edge against a hard surface like metal or granite.


  • Never put in the dishwasher. The chemicals and hot temperature will ruin the quality of the blade and deteriorate the handle.
  • After washing with mild soap, dry your knife immediately.


  • Never cut on a hard surface like a granite kitchen bench.
  • Do not cut through bones as this may damage the blade edge.
  • Utilise an endgrain chopping board or soft plastic chopping board. 
  • Don't put excessive torque on the knife.
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