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Smoked slow cooked pulled ham

Pulled Glazed Christmas Ham

After trying so many types of glazed ham recipes, pulled and pre-smoked hams – I discovered that you can get a far superior result at home by curing a boston butt or pork scotch fillet then smoking it. The problem with re-smoking a store bought ham is that its always leg ham, and legs aren't conducive to cooking low and slow due to the lack fat and collagen. You can certainly obtain pulled ham from a leg but it will be dry and stringy in comparison.

Home cured and smoked glazed pulled ham

Slow cooker vs Oven vs Smoker: One of the most common questions I get is which produces the best pulled ham and what if I don't have one or the other. Simple answer - smoker will produce the deepest flavour and you can omit the fake smoke in a bottle. In contrast, the dehydrator or oven will still yield amazing results, without the same deep smoky flavour.

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