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The Aussie meat pie

The Aussie meat pie

Lets cook a traditional Aussie beef pie.

Easy | 15 mins Prep | 35 mins Cook | 2 really large Servings

 * PRO TIP: I used the Kogan deep dish pie maker. This lets you add approximately double the filling of the Kmart pie maker. 

The great Australian meat pie is the quintessential Aussie dish so lets look at why Aussie's all over considers this "their" food.

Firstly, the meat pie was described by former New South Wales Premier Bob Carr in 2003 as Australia's "national dish" and I think us Australian's have grabbed onto that line! Now as most of know the pie was invented a long time before this in the 9500 BC era. As any good Australian knows, we love to stake claim to the best things going around and put our spin on it. 

So who invented the classic Australian meat pie? In 1886 George and his wife Charlotte were operating their first bakery in Glebe, which went on to become the famous Sargant pies. Another great example of a historic pie maker is Four and Twenty. Their pies have become synonymous with AFL, much like the chili hotdog and the American baseball. You couldn't really be forgiven for attending a footy match and not having a Four and Twenty pie (with sauce of course)  

Why do Australian's love meat pies so much? I think it's simple really - Simplicity and local ingredients. Aussie's enjoy the ability to cook and eat something amazing yet be simple enough to crank out during a work week. That coupled with the option of adding local beef, lamb, etc makes it even more desirable. Lastly, you don't even need utensils or a plate!!

What ingredients make a great meat pie you ask? Meat | Pastry | Gravy

If you have made a thick beef stew previously, the pie filling is much like that, but putting your own twist on the recipe is half the fun. I thoroughly enjoy smoking cuts like beef chuck or brisket, then using the leftovers in pies. The depth of flavour the low and slow smoking provides is second to none. As you will see in this recipe a high pressure cooker was used so the pies could be made very quickly, whilst still providing bags of flavour.

Now the pastry. I like using the shortcrust on the bottom as it has the strength to hold up a crap load of meat and won't go soggy! Then puff pastry for the lid for that traditional flakey goodness. I alternate between making pastry or store purchased. Lets be honest, most of the time we don't have the time to make puff pastry from scratch.


 The homemade Aussie meat pie is perfect for Australia Day, parties or just for a meal.

Serving: This will make 2x big hitter size pies


- 0.5kg chuck beef

- 1x carrot

- 1/2 onion

- 2x cloves garlic

- 1x tbsp fresh thyme

- 3x tbsp @barbecuemafia mobster sauce

- 1/2 cup beef stock

- 1/2  cup of your favourite gravy (I like homemade using a roast Au Jus or Greens granules)

- 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

- shortcrust pasty

- puff pastry

- black and white sesame seeds

- 1-2 tbsp AUSSIEQ BBQ Red meat seasoning (coming soon)


Do you add sauce to your pies? (leave a comment below)

The questions is. To sauce or not to sauce on a meat pie?  


  1. roughly dice up vegetables
  2. season beef, pan fry to form a beautiful dark brown crust
  3. brown off onion and garlic
  4. then place all ingredients into a high pressure cooker for 20 mins (so the beef isn't quite falling apart, but still very tender. You can use multiple cooking options here. A slow cooker, smoker, baking tray with oven on low etc. If you find there is to much liquid, you can drain off the liquid with a sieve then simmer until it reduces. If you need to speed that up, gradually add some corn starch to thicken.
  5. in a pie maker place shortcrust for the base, then fill with pie mixture from your cooker, then top with puff pastry and sprinkle sesame seeds on the puff pastry lid.

It’s that simple. I have also done this with the beef being smoked over lump charcoal and cherry wood.


If you have any thoughts, tips or tricks on the recipe we would love for you to leave a comment below.

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