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Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning
Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning
Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning
Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning
Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning
Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning
Load image into Gallery viewer, Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning
Load image into Gallery viewer, Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning
Load image into Gallery viewer, Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning
Load image into Gallery viewer, Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning
Load image into Gallery viewer, Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning
Load image into Gallery viewer, Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning

Oz Dirt BBQ Rub & Seasoning

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100% family owned and handcrafted. The all singing, all dancing Oz Dirt has a stunning mix of smokey, sweet, citrus flavour profile with a hint of fish and chip shop! Absolutely amazeballs on white meat like pork or chicken.  


 (save that for after the socials ;)

What can it be utilised for:

Like all of our rubs and seasonings Oz Dirt is fully functional on just about everything, but it has been handcrafted to compliment white meat beautifully.

Oz Dirt: Will lift your white meat game into another galaxy. The subtle as a hammer flavour has been crafted with truly unique ingredients to make you think you are cooking barbecue inside of a fish and chip shop. We will leave it at that..

Southern Fried Chicken Seasoned With Oz Dirt

Why choose a small batch rub/seasoning:

The pure magic a good rub/seasoning can perform is not to be understated. Our family team at AussieQ BBQ have worked tirelessly over many months conducting research and development to produce four of the most impactful rubs on the planet. After hundreds of test cooks, we are confident that our rubs will have you eating it straight from the bottle! Lastly and most importantly we sent out samples to the community and with their feedback they helped produce our small batch rubs, which not many other companies can attest to. 

Competition Barbecue: 

Because we designed our rubs to have an impact with every bite, the Backyard BBQ, Oz Dirt and HealthIER work horses can compliment your next hand in. Backyard BBQ (brisket, beef ribs, beef cheeks, beef chuck, SCA steak and lamb), Oz Dirt (pork and chicken), HealthIER (specialty hand ins like seafood)


The Finer Details
Flavour Profile:

Oz Dirt: Bold, smoky paprika, with a touch of acidity and sweetness at the backend.

How to use: Sprinkle an even coat over your produce before cooking. Avoid seasoning your food whilst cooking as the humidity can enter the bottle and cause clumping. If this is required, place a small amount in your hand and sprinkle to your hearts content.
Weight/QTY: 270gm. Each bottle will season approximately 10-15 rib racks 
Ingredients: Lemon Salt, Raw Sugar, Kosher Salt and spices
Storage: Keep in a dry cool place away from humidity


Partner In crime

Whether you use this food magic in a bottle by itself or choose any of our other three rubs/seasonings, you won't be left flat footed during your next cook. CLICK FOR THE COLLECTION


"Oz Dirt" and Parmesan Chicken Wings with Roasted Garlic Butter Sauce

”Oz Dirt” Hot Cross Bun Crispy Chicken Burger

"Oz Dirt" Philly Cheese steak 

"HealthIER" Red Emperor fish

"HealthIER" Pork Roast Crackle

"Backyard BBQ" Monster Tomahawk Steak

"Backyard BBQ" Brisket Burnt End Ravioli 

"Macon' Bacon" Halal Beef Bacon 

"Macon' Bacon" Pork Bacon

Handcrafted with no fillers

We are proud that each and every rub/seasoning is handcrafted and individually hand signed with the family member that blended and packed the bottle. In addition, we add a best before date on each bottle. You may wonder why is there is a best before date when most spices last 1-2 years. The reason is humidity. Because we don't add fillers or anti-caking agents, there is a possibility that humidity could cause some clumping. But that is ok. Simply give the bottle a shake before use and you are set. Don't forget to avoid seasoning your food with the bottle over the heat source as steam can enter the bottle and cause clumping.

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