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Tsunehisa Ginsan Nashiji Gyuto 240mm Chef's Knife

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Don't the value driven price fool you....  

A Gyuto is a type of Japanese kitchen knife that is similar to the Western chef's knife, serving as an all-purpose tool in the kitchen, suitable for a wide range of tasks. Keep in mind like all high carbon knives they must be dried immediately and oiled after being in contact with moisture.

Tsunehisa knives are crafted with the goal of providing high-quality blades at an affordable price. The brand uses machine-forging techniques to create a consistent and dependable product, while the knives are finished by a team of skilled artisans for a handmade touch. The brand is committed to bringing the best of Japanese knives to customers at an accessible price point.

In addition, it comes in a stunning black box wrapped in Japanese newspaper.

What can it be utilised for:

A Gyutou knife is like the Swiss Army knife of the kitchen, it's got all the tools you need to chop, dice and slice your way through any ingredient. It's perfect for slicing up your snags for a barbie, or for dicing up vegies for a classic Aussie "chop, chop" salad.

One of the key features of a Gyutou knife is its curved edge, similar to a Western chef's knife, this design allows for a smooth rocking motion when you're mincing or chopping herbs, and also comes in handy when you're trying to hack through a tough rump steak or chop down a giant pumpkin.

In addition to its heavy-duty capabilities, Gyutou is also great for precision tasks such as peeling and trimming, making it perfect for those tricky avocados. And it's also great for scooping and transferring chopped ingredients from the cutting board to the frying pan, it's a must-have for anyone who wants to cook a decent stir-fry.

All in all, a Gyuto is a bloody good tool to have in your kitchen arsenal, perfect for professional chefs, and home cooks alike.

Also great for as brisket knife due to its large 240mm blade length.


A perfect mid-entry point into the world of high carbon Japanese knives. The value driven price point allows you to experience the magic of Japanese knives without breaking the bank. 

Why a Japanese knife:

Japanese craftsmen have been making steel based blades for centuries and this artesian skill has built them an undeniable reputation for making some of the best knives available. In addition, the lighter construction compared to a traditional Western-style knife allows for less fatigue when slicing up a metric tonne of onions! 

A true Japanese made and crafted knife.   

History and info


Ginsan is a high-quality stainless steel produced by Hitachi Metals that is widely used in knife making. It is known for its excellent edge retention, ease of sharpening, and stainless properties. It is also durable, resistant to wear, and less prone to chipping than carbon steel. Despite its many positive qualities, Ginsan is often undervalued and performs well beyond its price range.


The HRC is a hardness scale based on the hardness of a material. Typically HRC of 60+ is seen to be a quality hard steel that retains its edge over a prolonged time.


Tsunehisa is a brand that combines the skills of knife makers from various regions in Japan, including Sakai and Tosa. These regions are known for their expertise in particular types of steel, such as Tosa's Ginsan and Sakai's carbon steel. The Tsunehisa brand offers excellent quality at a reasonable price, with excellent craftsmanship and some of the finest knife-making steels available in Japan.

The Finer Details
Style: Gyuto
Blade Length: 240 mm
Weight: 179 gms
Blade Material: Ginsan Core, Migaki Soft Stainless Clad
Handle Material: Octagon Oak
HRC: 61 (Ginsan)

T G3


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