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McDonald's bacon and egg McMuffin made from scratch

Homemade Macca's Bacon and Egg English McMuffin

The bacon and egg McMuffin is a classic breakfast sandwich that has been a staple at fast food chains for decades. But why settle for a sad, frozen patty on a cardboard-like muffin when you can make your own gourmet version at home? With a homemade bacon and egg McMuffin, you can skip the drive-thru line and avoid any awkward small talk with the cashier.

English muffins are the perfect base for this breakfast sandwich and they have a pretty impressive history. Legend has it that English muffins were invented by a group of knights who were looking for a portable breakfast option to eat while jousting. Talk about dedication to breakfast! English muffins are different from regular muffins in that they have more personality and can handle toppings better. Plus, they don’t crumble like regular muffins do, which is a real bummer when you’re trying to enjoy your breakfast sandwich.

Homemade bacon is like the MVP of this breakfast sandwich. Store bought bacon is like the benchwarmer who never gets called up to the game. Homemade bacon is crispy, salty, and bursting with flavour. And, it’s healthier for you, so you can have more than just one slice without feeling guilty. Whether you choose to bake, fry or smoke your bacon, the result will be a breakfast sandwich that is so delicious, you’ll want to give store bought bacon a permanent bench warming seat.

homemade bacon and egg mcmuffinHomemade english muffin

Vegemite and butter with your english muffin

(Always test your bread with butter and Vegemite!)

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