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Smoked brisket cheese loaded fries aka chips

Smoked brisket cheese loaded fries aka chips

Think crunchy, smoky, cheesy with an attitude of saucy.

Loaded fries with smoked brisket, a medley of melted cheese and the holy trinity combination of sauces are sure to impress on game day or Christmas. Plus you don't have to go to McDonald's to reap the rewards of having the best loaded fries. As an added bonus you could make the whole recipe from scratch using fresh potatoes if your heart desires. 

Loaded fries or filthy fries depending if you are from United States or Australia, is a perfect dish that can utilise left over meats and be prepared in less than 30 minutes.  

This version uses a 12 hour low and slow smoked brisket I cooked and vac sealed on a previous day to be the hero of this quick and easy meal. If you do not have leftover or fresh brisket, any protein will work, but I would recommend pan frying some cheap steak rare then slicing it thinly.     

The beauty of loaded fries is that you can mix it up as much or as little as you like. Having the flexibility to add leftovers onto crunchy golden fries is a bonus. 



  • 2x diced white onions

  • 800gm/1.76lbs of fries or chips in Australia

  • 6x cups of sliced and smoked brisket (feel free to go crazy here)

  • 2x cups of pizza cheese mix containing mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar

  • American mustard

  • ranch sauce

  • BBQ sauce

  • chicken salt or something with a little edginess to it



  1. warm up the left over brisket
  2. on a low - medium heat pan sauté the diced onions
  3. concurrently while the onions are cooking, either deep fry the chips or airfry them until golden 
  4. on a large serving plate, layer the fries, brisket, onions and cheese
  5. either with a blowtorch or under a broiler / grill setting on your oven place the tray underneath until the cheese starts to melt. Be sure to keep a close eye so the French fries don't burn.
  6. lastly, apply each of the three sauces to taste
* add diced pork belly, pulled pork or streaky bacon for a great pork flavour kick


Loaded brisket, cheese, onions fries with ranch, mustard and BBQ sauces
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