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chicken parmigiana with panko crumbs and pizza cheese

Homemade Chicken Parmigiana

The chicken parmigiana or chicken parmesan are common terms for this amazing dish, and guess what - they are the same thing. Now I know what you are thinking. In Australia we call it a chicken parmi or if you are from Italy it is the pollo alla parmigiana. Whatever you call this dish rest assured it has bags of flavour and will impress your dinner guests.

This is our family recipe or more specifically Mrs Q's recipe. The beauty of a parmi is that you can make tweaks to the recipe to suit your taste buds. For example - swap out triple smoked ham for bacon!

Airfryer vs Shallow Fried - The best bit is that this chicken parmigiana can be cooked in the airfryer for a healthier version. If you want the full flavour and textural experience I would choose the slightly belt busting version - shallow fried.



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