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Tanghulu toffee apple style bacon burnt ends on a stick

Tanghulu Toffee Bacon Burnt Ends

This tanghulu recipe highlights delicious crunchy candied bacon burnt ends, strawberries or other fruit made popular as a favourite Chinese street food! 

Tanghulu (pronounced Tang Hulu) is a thin sweet crunchy layer akin to a toffee apple. The texture element it can add to a dish is unsurpassed. Whilst tanghulu is typically used with strawberries or grapes, I adapted it to make your pork belly burnt ends stand out from the pack.

You may have seen tanghulu as a viral sensation on TikTok - and for good reason. It is simple and the satisfying crunch you get from your first bite is amazeballs. 

As with most recipes I had to put my own spin on it, so I leaned on the famous toffee apple look and recipe,then combined it with homemade bacon burnt ends!

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