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KFC popcorn chicken pizza

KFC popcorn chicken pizza

you won't be able to resist this Kentucky Fried Chicken (at home) popcorn pizza                                                         

AUSSIEQBBQ VIDEO ON THIS COOK:                     

TikTok video

* this will make two generous pizzas 


fried chicken

- 3x chicken thighs (diced)

- 2/3 cup self raising flour

- 1/3 cup corn flour

- 1 tbsp pepper

- 3x tbsp paprika

- 2x tbsp onion powder

- 2x tbsp garlic powder


See here for my pizza dough recipe 

- perinaise (mayo mixed with Siracha)

- 1/2 diced dill pickle

cheese sauce

- 50gm butter

- 2x tbsp plain flour

- 3/4 cup milk

- 100gm grated cheese

- salt and pepper to taste



cheese sauce (once prepared set to the side on the lowest heat, whilst you cook the chicken)

- melt butter on low heat in a saucepan

- whisk in flour until fully combined

- add milk gradually until a milkshake like consistency is met

- add grated cheese and season to taste (remain on low heat)

- keep whisking until cheese is melted (don't leave unattended during this stage)

fried chicken

- after you have sliced and diced the chicken, mix up the dry ingredients and coat the chicken thoroughly 

- then either deep fry them at 170C until golden brown or pop them into the Airfryer. 


- now that you have all you ingredients ready, add a perinaise sauce to the base, sprinkle diced pickles, add your chicken and sprinkle some grated cheese (parmesan works well too)

- cook the pizza in your BBQ, pizza oven or regular oven, then give a healthy lashing of the cheese sauce and some BBQ sauce over the top of the pizza.

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