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The most amazing beef bacon! (it's easy)

The most amazing beef bacon! (it's easy)

Whilst there is the occasional human who doesn't enjoy the traditional taste of bacon, others have cultural or societal requirements not to cook pork bacon. All such people readily seek beef bacon. A well executed piece of beef bacon taste far more delicious and turns out crispier than its pork counterpart. One of main issues particularly in Australia, is beef bacon is hard to find. Because it is not mass produced like pork bacon, it can be extremely costly when you do find it. Thats why macon it at home is cheaper and you can have it whenever you please. The other amazing things about beef bacon is that it is extremely easy to make and can be made from the brisket or the navel cut (which is found behind the brisket).

Slicing Beef Bacon - AUSSIEQ BBQ

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  • I have made beef bacon using this exact recipe and its amazeballs!

    Mrs Q

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