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Close Up Shot of Banh Mi with crispy pork belly (Vietnamese Sandwich Baguette)

Homemade pork belly “Bang Me” bánh mì (Vietnamese roll)

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This could be seen as a traditional banh mi, but my version has a bread roll so crusty you need to lay down a mat, smeared with chicken and pork pate, kewpie mayo, barbecued melt in the mouth pork belly, pickled carrot, green or spring onion, coriander/cilantro, a dash of fresh chillies and drizzle of Maggi Original seasoning.

Why do I call it Bang Me Banh Mì you ask? Because you will wanna bang me after trying my banh mì it’s that good!

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  • I was expecting this to be pretty good but the end result was fantastic! Many thanks to ye my friend and shout out to the alpha blokes for having ya on the podcast great episode that🤙

  • Love ya work mate keep it up 😁

  • This recipe is a must!! Simple but delicious. Great for work lunches!!


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