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Smoked Beef Jerky in a glass container

Simple and quick homemade beef jerky (no marinade)

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After trying so many types of jerky and making a bucket load whilst I was at it – I discovered that it easy to make it at home and can actually be very quick. I would say 95% of all jerky recipes call for marinating overnight or for 24 hours, and not everyone has room in their fridge or the time. After much research I found that marinating only penetrates the meat by approximately 2mm - so what is the point of marinating for 24 hour then?

The secret to having tasty jerky without waiting 24 hours is to make a glaze and leave that glaze on the beef when either smoking, cooking in your oven or dehydrating. 

Dehydrator vs Oven vs Smoker: One of the most common questions I get is which produces the best jerky and what if I don't have one or the other. Simple answer - smoker will produce the deepest flavour and you can omit the fake smoke in a bottle. In contrast, the dehydrator or oven will still yield amazing results. 

If you want a chewier jerky, slice the meat with the grain and if you want a more tender jerky, slice the meat against the grain. 

Smoked No Marinate Beef Jerky | AUSSIEQ BBQ

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  • Webby – I read it and made it exactly as the recipe says – a glaze as its not marinating..

  • The no marinade recipe with a marinade.

  • Simplicity at its BEST guys. Great user friendly Recipe, well done!


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